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Our Company

Driven AVS is an autonomous software development company that was developed on racetracks and will be used in road cars in the future, as in other automotive technologies. We work to improve our users' daily experiences with our innovative and forward-thinking technology. Founded in 2022, Driven Autonomous Vehicle Solutions strives to be the industry leader with its team of professional engineers, programmers, designers and marketing experts.

We devote time and resources to researching market needs, habits and motivations of our users in order to provide perfect solutions. We will continue to work with all our strength to become the technology standard by providing a general understanding that industry leaders approve and see as indispensable. Contact for more information.

What We Do?

We produce end-to-end autonomous solutions using technology and artificial intelligence with our experience in automotive and racing. The idea that sparked the founding of Driven Autonomous Vehicle Solutions was to produce a Go-Kart racing training tool. For this, we have developed an Autonomous Go-Kart that shows us how to do a perfect lap with optimum inputs and superhuman performance on the track. We compare the data here with the data of any Go-kart racer and tell the racer where he lost time in his lap and how he can accelerate with a simple and understandable interface. In this way, we show him both the problem and the solution and speed it up.

Driven Training Pro, the next-generation racing training tool.

Keep following us to be informed about innovations and changes. Contact us now for a free demonstration.

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