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Driven AVS, which has a dynamic and competent team that can integrate and scale the end-to-end solution developed for Go-Kart, can be your partner for all your autonomy needs.

Autonomous Driving For Race Cars

We develop effective training solutions and acceleration methods for competitors and racing teams who want to learn how to get faster in different series in motorsports, such as, Formula series, GT3-GT4 Cahmpionships and other circuit racing series.

You can contact us for detailed information and offers.


Autonomous Driving For Delivery Robotics

Unmanned delivery vehicles are becoming a growing need in cities big and small. In order to keep up with the increasing delivery demands with the effect of the pandemic, companies are looking for alternative and economical delivery solutions. For this, many developers of pke rolled up their sleeves to develop robots that can go in harsh city conditions. Driven AVS develops Autonomous software for Unmanned Delivery robots. With this autonomy software, the unmanned delivery robot can perform optimal and economical deliveries at the lowest cost, taking into account factors such as disabled and dangerous cities, roads, pavements, and traffic lights.

You can contact us for detailed information and offers.


Autonomous Driving For Military Vehicles

Military vehicles are used every day for border security and patrolling. Here, military personnel are always under threat against a possible attack and require an important human resource for the army. For these reasons, unmanned ground vehicles and autonomous armored vehicles, autonomous armored personnel carriers, unmanned battle tanks are essential and game-changers for the army.

Driven AVS develops unmanned military vehicles with its military field experience, military operations knowledge and defense sector networks. For autonomous solutions for your military vehicles, armored vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles, you can contact us at the link below.

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